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Eugen Rochko 5276c0a090
HTML e-mails for UserMailer (#6256)
7 years ago
admin Fix nil error in log_target_from_history helper (#6173) 7 years ago
application_helper.rb Using double splat operator (#5859) 7 years ago
flashes_helper.rb Clean up flash display in views (#2336) 7 years ago
home_helper.rb Improve initialState loading 8 years ago
instance_helper.rb Fallback to site_hostname when site_title is empty (#4394) 7 years ago
jsonld_helper.rb Fix bad URL schemes being accepted (#6219) 7 years ago
mailer_helper.rb HTML e-mails for UserMailer (#6256) 7 years ago
routing_helper.rb Fallback default thumbnail in instance status API (#6177) 7 years ago
settings_helper.rb Adding Serbian latin translations (#6146) 7 years ago
stream_entries_helper.rb Update status embeds (#4742) 7 years ago