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Eugen Rochko 79b34a0fa2
Restore onboarding modal (#6303)
7 years ago
controllers Fix regeneration marker not expiring (#6290) 7 years ago
helpers HTML e-mails for UserMailer (#6256) 7 years ago
javascript Restore onboarding modal (#6303) 7 years ago
lib Process mentions and reblogs even from resolved threads (#6299) 7 years ago
mailers Replace tutorial modal with welcome e-mail (#6273) 7 years ago
models Change belongs_to_required_by_default to true (#5888) 7 years ago
policies Allow admin to deactivate invite created by users (#5860) 7 years ago
presenters Using double splat operator (#5859) 7 years ago
serializers implement web share target (#6278) 7 years ago
services When must_be_following_dm is on, only notify if recipient dm'ed user (#6283) 7 years ago
validators Limit users to 50 lists, remove pagination from lists API (#5933) 7 years ago
views Improve HTML e-mails based on Litmus tests (#6301) 7 years ago
workers Retry delivering toots over ActivityPub for about 2 days (#6298) 7 years ago