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GDPR and Data Protection Policy false

Data Protection Policy

This document is about our data processing, the basis of it and your rights as data subject regarding the Özgürkon attendence.

1. Who is responsible for your data?

Özgür Yazılım Derneği, as a legally founded association in Turkey is responsible for your data. For any inqury about your data you may contact from your registery e-mail adress.

Özgür Yazılım Derneği is a registered association in Republic of Turkey with the number 34-242-113.

If you are from European zone or European citizen General Data Procetion Regulation and if you are not, 6698 Kişisel Verilerin Korunması Kanunu (local personal data protection law) is applicable.

2. Personal Data we process

2.1. Your Name and Surname

2.1.1. Your legal name or nick is required to list you in speakers page and announce you in your presentation according your concent.

2.1.2. Your name will be listed on speakers page with or withour your speech's record.

2.1.3. Your name will be shared with unknown third party indirectly on our web page.

2.2. Your picture

2.2.1. You are not required to provide any picture of you for your application. You may provide any graphic you deem appropiate. If you do not provide one we will choose one for you.

2.2.2. If you choose to share a picture with us it will be listed on speakers page with your speach.

2.2.3. By putting your picture on our web page, we will be sharing it with unknown third party indirectly.

2.3. Your personal info

2.3.1. Your personal info such as your prefered language, the language of your speach, where you are from is required to inform viewers about you and your speech.

2.3.2. Your personal information will be listed on our web page for your biography and for your speech.

2.3.3. By listing your information on our web page, we will be sharing it with unknown third party indirectly.

2.4. Your email adress

2.4.1. An email address is required to contact you for any development during prior and during the conferance. You are not required to provide an email address. If you choose not to we won't be able to inform you about conferance related issues.

2.4.2. Depending on your consent your email address will be used exclusively communicate with you about the conference.

2.4.3. We will not share your email adress with any third party.

2.4.4. If you concent us we may keep your email address for future contacts.

2.4.5. If your consent is absent we will delete your email info after the conference and related issues are over.

2.5. IP adress

2.5.1. Your IP adress is not required admistratively but our online conferance software and web page as any other server-client based system requires your IP address to function.

2.5.2. Your IP address is only processed during your use of our online conference software or web page.

2.5.3. We will not share your IP adress with any third party.

2.5.4. Upon your termination of connection your IP address will be deleted.

3. Your rights

At any point you may request;

3.1. If your personal data is processed and if it is, any information about the processing.
3.2. The purposes of the processing for which the personal data are intended as well as the legal basis for the processing
3.3. If your personal data is transfered to any third party.
3.4. Rectification of inaccurate personal data.
3.5. Erasure of personal data
3.6. Restriction of processing
3.7. Your processed data on a portable format.

Your speechs recording and any personal data that may include is considered as copyleft creation where usage is regualted by the terms of the license of the creation.