A free and open source alternative ekşi sözlük front-end
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A free and open source alternative ekşi sözlük front-end. Does not use the API, only scrapes the web.

Official instance: (offline) https://ozgursozluk.freedns.rocks
Donate: (offline) https://ozgursozluk.freedns.rocks/donate


  • No JavaScript
  • Docker support
  • Topic searching
  • Viewing topic, entry and author
  • Gündem and debe page support
  • Optional displaying author nickname
  • 8 different theme support
  • Self-hosted, ad-free, simple and fast
  • Responsive support for small screens


Install from the pip:

pip3 install ozgursozluk

Install from the repo:

pip3 install git+https://github.com/beucismis/ozgursozluk.git


pip3 install ozgursozluk --upgrade


flask --app ozgursozluk run
# or
gunicorn ozgursozluk:app

Alternatively, with Docker:

git clone https://github.com/beucismis/ozgursozluk
cd ozgursozluk
docker build -t ozgursozluk .
docker run -p 8080:80 ozgursozluk

See also, https://github.com/beucismis/ozgursozluk/wiki/Main

Environment Variables

Key Type Default Value
SECRET_KEY str random
EKSI_SOZLUK_BASE_URL str https://eksisozluk.com



Redirector browser extension is recommended for use. Configuration:

Description: ekşi sözlük to özgürsözlük
Example URL: https://eksisozluk.com/linux--32084
Include pattern: ^https?://(?:.*\.)*(?<!link.)eksisozluk(.*)\.com(/.*)?$
Redirect to: https://ozgursozluk.freedns.rocks$1
Pattern type: Regular Expression
Example result: https://ozgursozluk.freedns.rocks/linux--32084


This project is licensed under WTFPL for details, check LICENSE file.