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- key: freedom
name: "Free software and freedom"
id: 3c7ab24d-59c1-5118-b6fa-ef679a376100
- key: decentralization
name: "Decentralization"
id: e3fdfb05-1630-5c56-bc5d-501217ad62e3
- key: social-inequalities
name: "Social Inequalities"
id: a31d8be2-8f03-553d-b07b-ee30e2d13a6e
- key: free-knowledge
name: "Free knowledge"
id: b425f929-b026-52e9-87f4-89b30ec542d1
- key: privacy
name: "Privacy"
id: bb5eeaca-3d8d-5858-b4a9-63d90a11a792
- key: feminism
name: "Feminism in digital spaces"
id: 9edfb0de-db78-5e18-831d-d0c56d751515
- key: art
name: "Free art"
id: cff3cdbc-52e9-5d5a-8f98-927ee005f59b
- key: _wtf
name: "\U0001F381 WTF"
id: 8ab523e2-022d-5d16-924c-da4477ddb881
- key: keynote
name: Keynote
- key: lunch
name: Lunch
- key: office-hours
name: Office Hours
- key: open
name: Ouverture
- key: party
name: Party
- key: pause
name: Pause