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Everyone who is a participent of events that organized by Özgür Yazılım Derneği must follow this Code of Conduct (CoC). Curators will make every effort to implemente this CoC during events. We kindly request our participents to follow this CoC to make events comfortable, enjoyable and efficient.

The definition of "annoyance" means; any kind of discrimination and aggression about age, sex, sexual identity, sexual orientation, disability, physical appereance, body sizes, race, religion; exhibiting inconvenient visuals and movements in public spaces; implying deliberately, any kind of harresment, frustrating the event recurrently, inconvenient physical contact and undesirable sexual interest situations.

Participents are wanted not to annoy anyone whether or not they are involved in the event. The participents who are annoying around will be warned by other participents and curators first; then they will be deported. Also, with the joint decision of curators council, there will be indefinite suspension sanctions on "annoyers".

Sponsors and hosts are also accepted as participents, so they are also liable to this anti-annoying preventions. The sanctions will be enforced for sponsors and hosts as well.

If you are annoyed, or you see someone else being annoyed, or you have concerns; please contact a curator. You can recognize curators from their badges or any other decisive signs.

In any case of annoyance, the case will be tried to be solved by the primary or secondary intervener participents. If the situation is not resolved, the main responsible(s) should be asked for help; if the situation has an emergency status which make the situation unresolvable, other possibilities should be consulted.

To respect the participents privacy, please do not take pictures or video records of any participent without permission. Depending on events, some participents may carry badges indicating that their photo should not be taken under any circumstances. All participents are expected to be sensitive to such signs. In a photo that taken without permission, if there is any person's face, bluring that face will prevent that person from face recognition algorithms. Including the photos that taken with permission, publishing any kind of photo taken during event on proprietary and privacy opposed services such as Facebook or Instagram is not approved, nevertheless appreciation of this issue belongs to the relevant participants.

In the activities carried out within the limited time periods, you are expected to ask questions in the question-answer sessions or outside after the sessions in order to avoid interruption of the program. The event speakers and curators will gladly answer your questions. If you have any questions you cannot ask, you can ask via e-mail or any other channels.

Faschism and faschist actions are strictly prohibited. Faschist are banned from Özgür Yazılım Derneği and Hackerspace Istanbul events.

We expect you to pay attention to these warnings to ensure that all kinds of events are carried out smoothly and happily by all participants. We wish you enjoyable and efficient events.