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May 16-17, 2020


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What is ÖzgürKon?

ÖzgürKon is an international online conference, organized by Özgür Yazılım Derneği. 2020 has brought us an unexpected pandemic which no one has prepared for. COVID-19 is created an event vacuum since people are no longer able to gather physicaly. ÖzgürKon is aimed to fill this void by bringing worldwide free software community together in virtual space and underline the importance of free software in the light of current developments. {{% /home-info %}}

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* Speakers are randomly ordered.

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  • For everyone
    0 €
    The event is free, you don't need a ticket to watch sessions. But if you want to donate the event, you may consider to buy a solidarity ticket.
  • Supporters
    10 €
    To support our event, you may consider to buy a ticket. Every ticket includes a bulletin from ÖYD and cute stickers!
  • Hall of Fame
    35 €
    For this big generous contribution from you, this ticket includes what? Also your name will be included the event "Hall of Fame" after the event.

* Included gifts will be posted you via postage, so please give correct address information.

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Place: your home!

We will #StayHome due to COVID-19

ÖzgürKon will be fully online. Both attendees and speakers will attend remotely from their homes due to COVID-19 pandemic. This situation has an advantage: We can make the event international quite easily!

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