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[![Netlify Status](](
Bu depo, Özgür Yazılım Derneği'nin resmi web sitesi içindir.
This repo is the source of <>, and this readme tells you
how it all works.
* If you spot any small problems with the website, please feel empowered to fix
them directly with a PR.
* If you see any larger problems, an issue is probably better: that way we can
discuss the problem before you commit any time to it.
* If you'd like to contribute a blog post, please chat with one of us first.
Then read the [contributing guide](
This repo (and resulting website) is licensed as [CC BY-SA](
## Structure
The source of the website is a collection of `.md` and `.Rmd` files stored in
[`content/`](content/), which are rendered for the site with
* `content/*.md`: these files generate the top-level pages on the site:
packages, learn, help, and contribute.
* `content/articles/`: these files are the tidyverse blog. New blog entries
should be given name ``. Unfortunately this data isn't
actually used when generating the output file: you'll need to set up
the yaml metadata. More on that below.
+ For `*.md` posts, no `*.html` file should be committed. If you generate one locally during development, delete it once it's no longer useful to you. Keep it out of this repo.
+ For `*.Rmd` posts, an `*.html` file _should_ be committed. It will be generated when you run `blogdown::serve_site()` (see recommended workflow below).
+ If your post includes emoji, use the `.Rmd` format, and incorporate emoji using the [emo]( package.
* `data/events.yaml`: this yaml file contains information about upcoming
events. The site automatically filters out events that have happened,
sorts by date, and then shows at most two events.
## Previewing changes
### Use `blogdown::serve_site()`
To build the site locally, you'll need to install blogdown, and then install
hugo, the music behind the magic of blogdown:
Then run
This will open a preview of the site in your web browser, and it will
automatically update whenever you modify one of the input files. For `.Rmd`,
this will generate an `.html` file, which you should commit and push to GitHub.
#### Other methods of local preview
You should really preview the site using `blogdown::serve_site()`. But if, accidentally or intentionally, you knit or preview the content using another method (e.g. click the **Preview** button in RStudio for `.[R]md`), make sure you don't commit an `.html` file from an **`.md`** file.
### In PRs
The tidyverse site is automatically published with
[netlify]( One big advantage of netlify is that every PR
automatically gets a live preview. Once the PR is merged, that preview becomes
the live site.
Web sitesi orijinalinde Tidyverse projesine ait olup Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International lisansı altında lisanslanmıştır.