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from flask import Flask, request, jsonify
from flask_admin.contrib.mongoengine import ModelView
from flask_jwt_extended import JWTManager, create_access_token
from mongoengine import connect
from import check_password_hash
from os import environ, path
from dotenv import load_dotenv
from internal_lib.AuthMethods import AuthJWT
from models.Group import Group
from models.Union import Union
from models.User import User
from restapi import MongoApi
from flask_admin import Admin
Load .env file and get variables
base_path = path.abspath(path.dirname(__file__))
load_dotenv(path.join(base_path, '.env'))
MONGO_HOST = environ.get('MONGO_HOST')
MONGO_USER = environ.get('MONGO_USER')
Mongodb connection string
connect('adunatio', host=MONGO_HOST, username=MONGO_USER, password=MONGO_PASSWORD, authentication_source='admin')
app = Flask(__name__)
app.secret_key = environ.get('APP_SECRET')
app.config["JWT_TOKEN_LOCATION"] = "headers"
app.config["JWT_HEADER_NAME"] = "Adunation_Session_Token"
app.config["JWT_HEADER_TYPE"] = "Bearer"
flask jwt extended register
jwt = JWTManager(app)
flask mongorester register
api = MongoApi(app, authentication_methods=[AuthJWT])
api.register_model(User, uri="/api/user")
api.register_model(Union, uri="/api/union")
flask admin register
adm = Admin(app)
login function
@app.route('/auth/login', methods=['POST'])
def login():
if not request.is_json:
return jsonify({"message": "Missing JSON in request", "error": "parameter_error", "status":False}), 400
username = request.json.get('username', None)
password = request.json.get('password', None)
if not username:
return jsonify({"message": "Missing username parameter", "error": "parameter_error", "status":False}), 400
if not password:
return jsonify({"message": "Missing password parameter", "error": "parameter_error", "status":False}), 400
user = User.objects.get(username=username)
except Exception as e:
return jsonify({"message": "Bad username or password", "error": "Unauthorized", "status": False}), 401
if not check_password_hash(user.password,password):
return jsonify({"message": "Bad username or password", "error": "Unauthorized", "status":False}), 401
# Identity can be any data that is json serializable
access_token = create_access_token(identity=str(
return jsonify(access_token=access_token,status=True), 200
if __name__ == '__main__':"", port=5000, debug=True)