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name = "After Dark"
license = "WTFPL"
licenselink = "https://github.com/comfusion/after-dark/blob/master/COPYING"
description = "A retro dark theme for Hugo."
homepage = "https://comfusion.github.io/after-dark/"
tags = [
features = [
"Responsive Design",
"Flexbox Layouts",
"Google Analytics",
"BPG Image Support",
"Fuzzy Search",
"Lazy Loading",
"Responsive Images",
"Low-Quality Image Placeholders",
"OpenGraph Data",
"Schema Structured Data",
"Reading time",
"Related content",
"Modification dating",
"Author byline",
"Word Count",
"Related Posts",
"Section Menu",
"Block Templates",
"Table of Contents",
"Custom Shortcodes",
"Keyboard Accessibility",
"Inclusive Design",
"Theme Variants"
min_version = 0.27
name = "Josh Habdas"
homepage = "https://hackcabin.com"