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Eugen Rochko d174d12c83
Add authentication history (#16408)
2 years ago
account_associations.rb Add cold-start follow recommendations (#15945) 3 years ago
account_avatar.rb Fix to be able to redownload avatar and header (#16190) 3 years ago
account_counters.rb Fix account deletion sometimes failing because of optimistic locks (#16317) 3 years ago
account_finder_concern.rb Create instance actor if it hasn't been properly seeded (#15693) 3 years ago
account_header.rb Fix to be able to redownload avatar and header (#16190) 3 years ago
account_interactions.rb Fix empty home feed before first follow has finished processing (#16152) 3 years ago
account_merging.rb Update fix-duplicates maintenance script to support latest migrations (#16231) 3 years ago
attachmentable.rb Fix remote files not using Content-Type header, streaming (#14184) 3 years ago
cacheable.rb Fix cache_associated no longer working (#7320) 6 years ago
domain_materializable.rb Fix performance on instances list in admin UI (#15282) 3 years ago
domain_normalizable.rb Fix admin page crashing when trying to block an invalid domain name (#13884) 4 years ago
expireable.rb Fix not being able to change world filter expiration back to “Never” (#15858) 3 years ago
follow_limitable.rb Fix being able to import more than allowed number of follows (#15384) 3 years ago
ldap_authenticable.rb Add authentication history (#16408) 2 years ago
omniauthable.rb WIP (#15222) 3 years ago
paginable.rb allow pagination by min_id and max_id (#14776) 3 years ago
pam_authenticable.rb Fix LDAP/PAM/SAML/CAS users not being approved instantly (#10621) 5 years ago
rate_limitable.rb Add specific rate limits for posting and following (#13172) 4 years ago
redisable.rb Create Redisable#redis (#9633) 5 years ago
relationship_cacheable.rb Cache relationships in API (#6482) 6 years ago
remotable.rb Fix to be able to redownload avatar and header (#16190) 3 years ago
status_threading_concern.rb Optimize map { ... }.compact calls (#15513) 3 years ago
user_roles.rb Add moderation API (#9387) 5 years ago