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// Commonly used web colors
$black: #000000; // Black
$white: #ffffff; // White
$success-green: #79bd9a; // Padua
$error-red: #df405a; // Cerise
$warning-red: #ff5050; // Sunset Orange
$gold-star: #ca8f04; // Dark Goldenrod
$red-bookmark: $warning-red;
// Kafuka Theme Unique Colors. Color names may come later.
$classic-base-color: #0c0c0c;
$classic-primary-color: #e6464b; //a81717; //ee7487;
$classic-secondary-color: #edfcf5;
$classic-highlight-color: #a81717; //df1717; //e31837;
// Variables for defaults in UI
$base-shadow-color: $black !default;
$base-overlay-background: $black !default;
$base-border-color: $white !default;
$simple-background-color: $white !default;
$valid-value-color: $success-green !default;
$error-value-color: $error-red !default;
// Tell UI to use selected colors
$ui-base-color: $classic-base-color !default; // Darkest
$ui-base-lighter-color: lighten($ui-base-color, 18%) !default; // Lighter darkest
$ui-primary-color: $classic-primary-color !default; // Lighter
$ui-secondary-color: $classic-secondary-color !default; // Lightest
$ui-highlight-color: $classic-highlight-color !default;
// Variables for texts
$primary-text-color: $white !default;
$darker-text-color: $ui-primary-color !default;
$dark-text-color: $ui-base-lighter-color !default;
$secondary-text-color: $ui-secondary-color !default;
$highlight-text-color: $ui-highlight-color !default;
$action-button-color: $ui-base-lighter-color !default;
// For texts on inverted backgrounds
$inverted-text-color: $ui-base-color !default;
$lighter-text-color: $ui-base-lighter-color !default;
$light-text-color: $ui-primary-color !default;
// Language codes that uses CJK fonts
$cjk-langs: ja, ko, zh-CN, zh-HK, zh-TW;
// Variables for components
$media-modal-media-max-width: 100%;
// put margins on top and bottom of image to avoid the screen covered by image.
$media-modal-media-max-height: 80%;
$no-gap-breakpoint: 415px;
$font-sans-serif: 'mastodon-font-sans-serif' !default;
$font-display: 'mastodon-font-display' !default;
$font-monospace: 'mastodon-font-monospace' !default;
// Avatar border size (8% default, 100% for rounded avatars)
$ui-avatar-border-size: 8%;
// More variables
$dismiss-overlay-width: 4rem;