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Tuan ef9cb2468d Merge Upstream 1 year ago
accounts.scss [Glitch] Change onboarding by replacing tutorial with follow recommendations in web UI 1 year ago
announcements.scss [Glitch] Fix too large announcements not being scrollable in web UI 3 years ago
boost.scss [Glitch] Fix styling of boost button in media modal not reflecting ability to boost 1 year ago
columns.scss [Glitch] Fix follow recommendations UI in advanced layout 1 year ago
composer.scss Changes & Adoptions made so far 2 years ago
directory.scss [Glitch] Add profile directory to web UI 3 years ago
domains.scss Add basic domain block UI 5 years ago
doodle.scss Packaged local_settings styles in common 5 years ago
drawer.scss Merge Upstream 1 year ago
emoji.scss [Glitch] Fix text area above/right of emoji picker being accidentally clickable in web UI 3 years ago
emoji_picker.scss [Glitch] Add assets from Twemoji 13.1.0 1 year ago
error_boundary.scss Fix error boundary CSS 3 years ago
giphy.scss Changes & Adoptions made so far 2 years ago
index.scss Merge branch with upstream 1 year ago
lists.scss [Glitch] Implement adding a user to a list from their profile 4 years ago
local_settings.scss Fix CW icon color in local-settings modal 4 years ago
media.scss Merge Upstream 1 year ago
metadata.scss [Glitch] Redesign profile column in web UI to match design on public pages 4 years ago
modal.scss [Glitch] Fix dialog close button 1 year ago
regeneration_indicator.scss [Glitch] Fix performance of home feed regeneration 3 years ago
search.scss Fix follow suggestions scrolling on mobile view 1 year ago
sensitive.scss Minor style fixes 3 years ago
single_column.scss [Glitch] Fix column header scrolling with the page 3 years ago
status.scss [Glitch] Fix pop-in player display when poster has long username or handle 1 year ago