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Tuan ef9cb2468d Merge Upstream 1 year ago
actions Merge Upstream 1 year ago
components Merge Upstream 1 year ago
containers [Glitch] Fix expand video on public page 1 year ago
features Merge Upstream 1 year ago
images Port 7badad7797b487b411a2ab34e0f7413741974bb4 to glitch frontend 5 years ago
locales Navigation & other minor changes 2 years ago
middleware [Glitch] Fix 404 and 410 API errors being silently discarded in WebUI 3 years ago
packs [Glitch] Add honeypot fields and minimum fill-out time for sign-up form 2 years ago
reducers Merge Upstream 1 year ago
selectors [Glitch] Fix audio and video items in account gallery in web UI 2 years ago
store [Glitch] Code style improvements in JavaScript 3 years ago
styles Merge Upstream 1 year ago
util [Glitch] Hide /about/more footer link in limited federation mode 1 year ago
blurhash.js [Glitch] Fix not being able to open audio modal in web UI 1 year ago
names.yml Glitchsoc translation to 'es' language (#1439) 2 years ago
theme.yml Use “public.js” pack for auth pages for form validation helpers 2 years ago