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Dale Price f3b86c1bda Add mask-icon.svg (#1572) (#1585) 7 years ago
avatars/original Do not autoplay videos, display play button instead. Use expiring links when using S3. Do not keep originals 8 years ago
emoji Improve emojis - use SVGs where possible 7 years ago
headers/original Change missing.png header to 1x1 transparent PNG 7 years ago
sounds Add sounds for notifications. Boop by 7 years ago
500.html Improve error page layouting. 500 page has to stay static because it's 7 years ago
android-chrome-192x192.png Improve icons 8 years ago
apple-touch-icon.png Improve icons 8 years ago
browserconfig.xml Fix web app manifests 8 years ago
favicon.ico Replace logo, fix #57 - delete/unreblog/unfavourite API, fix #45 - app 8 years ago
manifest.json Improved launcher icon on Android 8 years ago
mask-icon.svg Add mask-icon.svg (#1572) (#1585) 7 years ago
mstile-150x150.png Add touch icons for Chrome, iOS and Windows 10 8 years ago
oops.png Adding optional S3, fail-mastodon 8 years ago
robots.txt Initial commit 8 years ago