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"account.add_or_remove_from_list": "Добави или премахни от списъците",
"": "бот",
"": "Group",
"account.block": "Блокирай",
"account.block_domain": "скрий всичко от (домейн)",
"account.blocked": "Блокирани",
"account.browse_more_on_origin_server": "Browse more on the original profile",
"account.cancel_follow_request": "Откажи искането за следване",
"": "Direct Message @{name}",
"account.domain_blocked": "Скрит домейн",
"account.edit_profile": "Редактирай профила си",
"account.endorse": "Характеристика на профила",
"account.follow": "Последвай",
"account.followers": "Последователи",
"account.followers.empty": "Все още никой не следва този потребител.",
"account.follows": "Следвам",
"account.follows.empty": "Този потребител все още не следва никого.",
"account.follows_you": "Твой последовател",
"account.hide_reblogs": "Hide boosts from @{name}",
"account.last_status": "Последно активен/а",
"account.link_verified_on": "Ownership of this link was checked on {date}",
"account.locked_info": "This account privacy status is set to locked. The owner manually reviews who can follow them.",
"": "Media",
"account.mention": "Споменаване",
"account.moved_to": "{name} has moved to:",
"account.mute": "Mute @{name}",
"account.mute_notifications": "Mute notifications from @{name}",
"account.muted": "Muted",
"account.never_active": "Never",
"account.posts": "Публикации",
"account.posts_with_replies": "Toots with replies",
"": "Report @{name}",
"account.requested": "В очакване на одобрение",
"account.share": "Share @{name}'s profile",
"account.show_reblogs": "Show boosts from @{name}",
"account.unblock": "Не блокирай",
"account.unblock_domain": "Unhide {domain}",
"account.unendorse": "Don't feature on profile",
"account.unfollow": "Не следвай",
"account.unmute": "Unmute @{name}",
"account.unmute_notifications": "Unmute notifications from @{name}",
"alert.rate_limited.message": "Please retry after {retry_time, time, medium}.",
"alert.rate_limited.title": "Rate limited",
"alert.unexpected.message": "An unexpected error occurred.",
"alert.unexpected.title": "Oops!",
"announcement.announcement": "Announcement",
"autosuggest_hashtag.per_week": "{count} per week",
"boost_modal.combo": "You can press {combo} to skip this next time",
"bundle_column_error.body": "Something went wrong while loading this component.",
"bundle_column_error.retry": "Опитай отново",
"bundle_column_error.title": "Network error",
"bundle_modal_error.close": "Close",
"bundle_modal_error.message": "Something went wrong while loading this component.",
"bundle_modal_error.retry": "Try again",
"column.blocks": "Blocked users",
"column.bookmarks": "Bookmarks",
"": "Local timeline",
"": "Direct messages",
"": "Browse profiles",
"column.domain_blocks": "Hidden domains",
"column.favourites": "Favourites",
"column.follow_requests": "Follow requests",
"column.home": "Начало",
"column.lists": "Списъци",
"column.mutes": "Muted users",
"column.notifications": "Известия",
"column.pins": "Pinned toot",
"column.public": "Публичен канал",
"column_back_button.label": "Назад",
"column_header.hide_settings": "Hide settings",
"column_header.moveLeft_settings": "Move column to the left",
"column_header.moveRight_settings": "Move column to the right",
"": "Pin",
"column_header.show_settings": "Show settings",
"column_header.unpin": "Unpin",
"column_subheading.settings": "Settings",
"community.column_settings.local_only": "Local only",
"community.column_settings.media_only": "Media only",
"community.column_settings.remote_only": "Remote only",
"compose_form.direct_message_warning": "This toot will only be visible to all the mentioned users.",
"compose_form.direct_message_warning_learn_more": "Learn more",
"compose_form.hashtag_warning": "This toot won't be listed under any hashtag as it is unlisted. Only public toots can be searched by hashtag.",
"compose_form.lock_disclaimer": "Your account is not {locked}. Anyone can follow you to view your follower-only posts.",
"compose_form.lock_disclaimer.lock": "locked",
"compose_form.placeholder": "Какво си мислиш?",
"compose_form.poll.add_option": "Add a choice",
"compose_form.poll.duration": "Poll duration",
"compose_form.poll.option_placeholder": "Choice {number}",
"compose_form.poll.remove_option": "Remove this choice",
"compose_form.poll.switch_to_multiple": "Change poll to allow multiple choices",
"compose_form.poll.switch_to_single": "Change poll to allow for a single choice",
"compose_form.publish": "Раздумай",
"compose_form.publish_loud": "{publish}!",
"compose_form.sensitive.hide": "Mark media as sensitive",
"compose_form.sensitive.marked": "Media is marked as sensitive",
"compose_form.sensitive.unmarked": "Media is not marked as sensitive",
"compose_form.spoiler.marked": "Text is hidden behind warning",
"compose_form.spoiler.unmarked": "Text is not hidden",
"compose_form.spoiler_placeholder": "Content warning",
"confirmation_modal.cancel": "Cancel",
"confirmations.block.block_and_report": "Block & Report",
"confirmations.block.confirm": "Block",
"confirmations.block.message": "Are you sure you want to block {name}?",
"confirmations.delete.confirm": "Delete",
"confirmations.delete.message": "Are you sure you want to delete this status?",
"confirmations.delete_list.confirm": "Delete",
"confirmations.delete_list.message": "Are you sure you want to permanently delete this list?",
"confirmations.domain_block.confirm": "Hide entire domain",
"confirmations.domain_block.message": "Are you really, really sure you want to block the entire {domain}? In most cases a few targeted blocks or mutes are sufficient and preferable.",
"confirmations.logout.confirm": "Log out",
"confirmations.logout.message": "Are you sure you want to log out?",
"confirmations.mute.confirm": "Mute",
"confirmations.mute.explanation": "This will hide posts from them and posts mentioning them, but it will still allow them to see your posts and follow you.",
"confirmations.mute.message": "Are you sure you want to mute {name}?",
"confirmations.redraft.confirm": "Delete & redraft",
"confirmations.redraft.message": "Are you sure you want to delete this status and re-draft it? You will lose all replies, boosts and favourites to it.",
"confirmations.reply.confirm": "Reply",
"confirmations.reply.message": "Replying now will overwrite the message you are currently composing. Are you sure you want to proceed?",
"confirmations.unfollow.confirm": "Unfollow",
"confirmations.unfollow.message": "Are you sure you want to unfollow {name}?",
"conversation.delete": "Delete conversation",
"conversation.mark_as_read": "Mark as read",
"": "View conversation",
"conversation.with": "With {names}",
"directory.federated": "From known fediverse",
"directory.local": "From {domain} only",
"directory.new_arrivals": "New arrivals",
"directory.recently_active": "Recently active",
"embed.instructions": "Embed this status on your website by copying the code below.",
"embed.preview": "Here is what it will look like:",
"emoji_button.activity": "Activity",
"emoji_button.custom": "Custom",
"emoji_button.flags": "Flags",
"": "Food & Drink",
"emoji_button.label": "Insert emoji",
"emoji_button.nature": "Nature",
"emoji_button.not_found": "No emojos!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻",
"emoji_button.objects": "Objects",
"emoji_button.people": "People",
"emoji_button.recent": "Frequently used",
"": "Search...",
"emoji_button.search_results": "Search results",
"emoji_button.symbols": "Symbols",
"": "Travel & Places",
"empty_column.account_timeline": "No toots here!",
"empty_column.account_unavailable": "Profile unavailable",
"empty_column.blocks": "You haven't blocked any users yet.",
"empty_column.bookmarked_statuses": "You don't have any bookmarked toots yet. When you bookmark one, it will show up here.",
"": "The local timeline is empty. Write something publicly to get the ball rolling!",
"": "You don't have any direct messages yet. When you send or receive one, it will show up here.",
"empty_column.domain_blocks": "There are no hidden domains yet.",
"empty_column.favourited_statuses": "You don't have any favourite toots yet. When you favourite one, it will show up here.",
"empty_column.favourites": "No one has favourited this toot yet. When someone does, they will show up here.",
"empty_column.follow_requests": "You don't have any follow requests yet. When you receive one, it will show up here.",
"empty_column.hashtag": "There is nothing in this hashtag yet.",
"empty_column.home": "Your home timeline is empty! Visit {public} or use search to get started and meet other users.",
"empty_column.home.public_timeline": "the public timeline",
"empty_column.list": "There is nothing in this list yet.",
"empty_column.lists": "You don't have any lists yet. When you create one, it will show up here.",
"empty_column.mutes": "You haven't muted any users yet.",
"empty_column.notifications": "You don't have any notifications yet. Interact with others to start the conversation.",
"empty_column.public": "There is nothing here! Write something publicly, or manually follow users from other instances to fill it up",
"error.unexpected_crash.explanation": "Due to a bug in our code or a browser compatibility issue, this page could not be displayed correctly.",
"error.unexpected_crash.next_steps": "Try refreshing the page. If that does not help, you may still be able to use Mastodon through a different browser or native app.",
"errors.unexpected_crash.copy_stacktrace": "Copy stacktrace to clipboard",
"errors.unexpected_crash.report_issue": "Report issue",
"follow_request.authorize": "Authorize",
"follow_request.reject": "Reject",
"follow_requests.unlocked_explanation": "Even though your account is not locked, the {domain} staff thought you might want to review follow requests from these accounts manually.",
"getting_started.developers": "Developers",
"": "Profile directory",
"getting_started.documentation": "Documentation",
"getting_started.heading": "Първи стъпки",
"getting_started.invite": "Invite people",
"getting_started.open_source_notice": "Mastodon е софтуер с отворен код. Можеш да помогнеш или да докладваш за проблеми в Github: {github}.",
"": "Security",
"getting_started.terms": "Terms of service",
"hashtag.column_header.tag_mode.all": "and {additional}",
"hashtag.column_header.tag_mode.any": "or {additional}",
"hashtag.column_header.tag_mode.none": "without {additional}",
"": "No suggestions found",
"": "Enter hashtags…",
"hashtag.column_settings.tag_mode.all": "All of these",
"hashtag.column_settings.tag_mode.any": "Any of these",
"hashtag.column_settings.tag_mode.none": "None of these",
"hashtag.column_settings.tag_toggle": "Include additional tags in this column",
"home.column_settings.basic": "Basic",
"home.column_settings.show_reblogs": "Show boosts",
"home.column_settings.show_replies": "Show replies",
"home.hide_announcements": "Hide announcements",
"home.show_announcements": "Show announcements",
"intervals.full.days": "{number, plural, one {# day} other {# days}}",
"intervals.full.hours": "{number, plural, one {# hour} other {# hours}}",
"intervals.full.minutes": "{number, plural, one {# minute} other {# minutes}}",
"introduction.federation.action": "Next",
"introduction.federation.federated.headline": "Federated",
"introduction.federation.federated.text": "Public posts from other servers of the fediverse will appear in the federated timeline.",
"introduction.federation.home.headline": "Home",
"introduction.federation.home.text": "Posts from people you follow will appear in your home feed. You can follow anyone on any server!",
"introduction.federation.local.headline": "Local",
"introduction.federation.local.text": "Public posts from people on the same server as you will appear in the local timeline.",
"introduction.interactions.action": "Finish toot-orial!",
"introduction.interactions.favourite.headline": "Favourite",
"introduction.interactions.favourite.text": "You can save a toot for later, and let the author know that you liked it, by favouriting it.",
"introduction.interactions.reblog.headline": "Boost",
"introduction.interactions.reblog.text": "You can share other people's toots with your followers by boosting them.",
"introduction.interactions.reply.headline": "Reply",
"introduction.interactions.reply.text": "You can reply to other people's and your own toots, which will chain them together in a conversation.",
"introduction.welcome.action": "Let's go!",
"introduction.welcome.headline": "First steps",
"introduction.welcome.text": "Welcome to the fediverse! In a few moments, you'll be able to broadcast messages and talk to your friends across a wide variety of servers. But this server, {domain}, is special—it hosts your profile, so remember its name.",
"keyboard_shortcuts.back": "to navigate back",
"keyboard_shortcuts.blocked": "to open blocked users list",
"keyboard_shortcuts.boost": "to boost",
"keyboard_shortcuts.column": "to focus a status in one of the columns",
"keyboard_shortcuts.compose": "to focus the compose textarea",
"keyboard_shortcuts.description": "Description",
"": "to open direct messages column",
"keyboard_shortcuts.down": "to move down in the list",
"keyboard_shortcuts.enter": "to open status",
"keyboard_shortcuts.favourite": "to favourite",
"keyboard_shortcuts.favourites": "to open favourites list",
"keyboard_shortcuts.federated": "to open federated timeline",
"keyboard_shortcuts.heading": "Keyboard Shortcuts",
"keyboard_shortcuts.home": "to open home timeline",
"keyboard_shortcuts.hotkey": "Hotkey",
"keyboard_shortcuts.legend": "to display this legend",
"keyboard_shortcuts.local": "to open local timeline",
"keyboard_shortcuts.mention": "to mention author",
"keyboard_shortcuts.muted": "to open muted users list",
"keyboard_shortcuts.my_profile": "to open your profile",
"keyboard_shortcuts.notifications": "to open notifications column",
"keyboard_shortcuts.open_media": "to open media",
"keyboard_shortcuts.pinned": "to open pinned toots list",
"keyboard_shortcuts.profile": "to open author's profile",
"keyboard_shortcuts.reply": "to reply",
"keyboard_shortcuts.requests": "to open follow requests list",
"": "to focus search",
"keyboard_shortcuts.spoilers": "to show/hide CW field",
"keyboard_shortcuts.start": "to open \"get started\" column",
"keyboard_shortcuts.toggle_hidden": "to show/hide text behind CW",
"keyboard_shortcuts.toggle_sensitivity": "to show/hide media",
"keyboard_shortcuts.toot": "to start a brand new toot",
"keyboard_shortcuts.unfocus": "to un-focus compose textarea/search",
"keyboard_shortcuts.up": "to move up in the list",
"lightbox.close": "Затвори",
"": "Next",
"lightbox.previous": "Previous",
"lightbox.view_context": "View context",
"lists.account.add": "Add to list",
"lists.account.remove": "Remove from list",
"lists.delete": "Delete list",
"lists.edit": "Edit list",
"lists.edit.submit": "Change title",
"": "Add list",
"": "New list title",
"": "Search among people you follow",
"lists.subheading": "Your lists",
"load_pending": "{count, plural, one {# new item} other {# new items}}",
"loading_indicator.label": "Зареждане...",
"media_gallery.toggle_visible": "Hide {number, plural, one {image} other {images}}",
"missing_indicator.label": "Not found",
"missing_indicator.sublabel": "This resource could not be found",
"mute_modal.hide_notifications": "Hide notifications from this user?",
"navigation_bar.apps": "Mobile apps",
"navigation_bar.blocks": "Blocked users",
"navigation_bar.bookmarks": "Bookmarks",
"navigation_bar.community_timeline": "Local timeline",
"navigation_bar.compose": "Compose new toot",
"": "Direct messages",
"": "Discover",
"navigation_bar.domain_blocks": "Hidden domains",
"navigation_bar.edit_profile": "Редактирай профил",
"navigation_bar.favourites": "Favourites",
"navigation_bar.filters": "Muted words",
"navigation_bar.follow_requests": "Follow requests",
"navigation_bar.follows_and_followers": "Follows and followers",
"": "Extended information",
"navigation_bar.keyboard_shortcuts": "Keyboard shortcuts",
"navigation_bar.lists": "Lists",
"navigation_bar.logout": "Излизане",
"navigation_bar.mutes": "Muted users",
"navigation_bar.personal": "Personal",
"navigation_bar.pins": "Pinned toots",
"navigation_bar.preferences": "Предпочитания",
"navigation_bar.public_timeline": "Публичен канал",
"": "Security",
"notification.favourite": "{name} хареса твоята публикация",
"notification.follow": "{name} те последва",
"notification.follow_request": "{name} has requested to follow you",
"notification.mention": "{name} те спомена",
"notification.own_poll": "Your poll has ended",
"notification.poll": "A poll you have voted in has ended",
"notification.reblog": "{name} сподели твоята публикация",
"notifications.clear": "Clear notifications",
"notifications.clear_confirmation": "Are you sure you want to permanently clear all your notifications?",
"notifications.column_settings.alert": "Десктоп известия",
"notifications.column_settings.favourite": "Предпочитани:",
"notifications.column_settings.filter_bar.advanced": "Display all categories",
"notifications.column_settings.filter_bar.category": "Quick filter bar",
"": "Show",
"notifications.column_settings.follow": "Нови последователи:",
"notifications.column_settings.follow_request": "New follow requests:",
"notifications.column_settings.mention": "Споменавания:",
"notifications.column_settings.poll": "Poll results:",
"notifications.column_settings.push": "Push notifications",
"notifications.column_settings.reblog": "Споделяния:",
"": "Покажи в колона",
"notifications.column_settings.sound": "Play sound",
"notifications.filter.all": "All",
"notifications.filter.boosts": "Boosts",
"notifications.filter.favourites": "Favourites",
"notifications.filter.follows": "Follows",
"notifications.filter.mentions": "Mentions",
"notifications.filter.polls": "Poll results",
"": "{count} notifications",
"poll.closed": "Closed",
"poll.refresh": "Refresh",
"poll.total_people": "{count, plural, one {# person} other {# people}}",
"poll.total_votes": "{count, plural, one {# vote} other {# votes}}",
"": "Vote",
"poll.voted": "You voted for this answer",
"poll_button.add_poll": "Add a poll",
"poll_button.remove_poll": "Remove poll",
"privacy.change": "Adjust status privacy",
"": "Post to mentioned users only",
"": "Direct",
"privacy.private.long": "Post to followers only",
"privacy.private.short": "Followers-only",
"privacy.public.long": "Post to public timelines",
"privacy.public.short": "Public",
"privacy.unlisted.long": "Do not show in public timelines",
"privacy.unlisted.short": "Unlisted",
"refresh": "Refresh",
"regeneration_indicator.label": "Loading…",
"regeneration_indicator.sublabel": "Your home feed is being prepared!",
"relative_time.days": "{number}d",
"relative_time.hours": "{number}h",
"relative_time.just_now": "now",
"relative_time.minutes": "{number}m",
"relative_time.seconds": "{number}s",
"": "today",
"reply_indicator.cancel": "Отказ",
"report.forward": "Forward to {target}",
"report.forward_hint": "The account is from another server. Send an anonymized copy of the report there as well?",
"report.hint": "The report will be sent to your instance moderators. You can provide an explanation of why you are reporting this account below:",
"report.placeholder": "Additional comments",
"report.submit": "Submit",
"": "Reporting",
"search.placeholder": "Търсене",
"search_popout.search_format": "Advanced search format",
"": "Simple text returns statuses you have written, favourited, boosted, or have been mentioned in, as well as matching usernames, display names, and hashtags.",
"": "hashtag",
"": "status",
"": "Simple text returns matching display names, usernames and hashtags",
"": "user",
"search_results.accounts": "People",
"search_results.hashtags": "Hashtags",
"search_results.statuses": "Toots",
"search_results.statuses_fts_disabled": "Searching toots by their content is not enabled on this Mastodon server.",
"": "{count, number} {count, plural, one {result} other {results}}",
"status.admin_account": "Open moderation interface for @{name}",
"status.admin_status": "Open this status in the moderation interface",
"status.block": "Block @{name}",
"status.bookmark": "Bookmark",
"status.cancel_reblog_private": "Unboost",
"status.cannot_reblog": "This post cannot be boosted",
"status.copy": "Copy link to status",
"status.delete": "Изтриване",
"status.detailed_status": "Detailed conversation view",
"": "Direct message @{name}",
"status.embed": "Embed",
"status.favourite": "Предпочитани",
"status.filtered": "Filtered",
"status.load_more": "Load more",
"status.media_hidden": "Media hidden",
"status.mention": "Споменаване",
"status.more": "More",
"status.mute": "Mute @{name}",
"status.mute_conversation": "Mute conversation",
"": "Expand this status",
"": "Pin on profile",
"status.pinned": "Pinned toot",
"status.read_more": "Read more",
"status.reblog": "Споделяне",
"status.reblog_private": "Boost to original audience",
"status.reblogged_by": "{name} сподели",
"status.reblogs.empty": "No one has boosted this toot yet. When someone does, they will show up here.",
"status.redraft": "Delete & re-draft",
"status.remove_bookmark": "Remove bookmark",
"status.reply": "Отговор",
"status.replyAll": "Reply to thread",
"": "Report @{name}",
"status.sensitive_warning": "Деликатно съдържание",
"status.share": "Share",
"status.show_less": "Show less",
"status.show_less_all": "Show less for all",
"status.show_more": "Show more",
"status.show_more_all": "Show more for all",
"status.show_thread": "Show thread",
"status.uncached_media_warning": "Not available",
"status.unmute_conversation": "Unmute conversation",
"status.unpin": "Unpin from profile",
"suggestions.dismiss": "Dismiss suggestion",
"suggestions.header": "You might be interested in…",
"tabs_bar.federated_timeline": "Federated",
"tabs_bar.home": "Начало",
"tabs_bar.local_timeline": "Local",
"tabs_bar.notifications": "Известия",
"": "Search",
"time_remaining.days": "{number, plural, one {# day} other {# days}} left",
"time_remaining.hours": "{number, plural, one {# hour} other {# hours}} left",
"time_remaining.minutes": "{number, plural, one {# minute} other {# minutes}} left",
"time_remaining.moments": "Moments remaining",
"time_remaining.seconds": "{number, plural, one {# second} other {# seconds}} left",
"timeline_hint.remote_resource_not_displayed": "{resource} from other servers are not displayed.",
"timeline_hint.resources.followers": "Followers",
"timeline_hint.resources.follows": "Follows",
"timeline_hint.resources.statuses": "Older toots",
"trends.count_by_accounts": "{count} {rawCount, plural, one {person} other {people}} talking",
"trends.trending_now": "Trending now",
"ui.beforeunload": "Your draft will be lost if you leave Mastodon.",
"upload_area.title": "Drag & drop to upload",
"upload_button.label": "Добави медия",
"upload_error.limit": "File upload limit exceeded.",
"upload_error.poll": "File upload not allowed with polls.",
"upload_form.audio_description": "Describe for people with hearing loss",
"upload_form.description": "Describe for the visually impaired",
"upload_form.edit": "Edit",
"upload_form.undo": "Отмяна",
"upload_form.video_description": "Describe for people with hearing loss or visual impairment",
"upload_modal.analyzing_picture": "Analyzing picture…",
"upload_modal.apply": "Apply",
"upload_modal.description_placeholder": "A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog",
"upload_modal.detect_text": "Detect text from picture",
"upload_modal.edit_media": "Edit media",
"upload_modal.hint": "Click or drag the circle on the preview to choose the focal point which will always be in view on all thumbnails.",
"upload_modal.preview_label": "Preview ({ratio})",
"upload_progress.label": "Uploading…",
"video.close": "Close video",
"": "Download file",
"video.exit_fullscreen": "Exit full screen",
"video.expand": "Expand video",
"video.fullscreen": "Full screen",
"video.hide": "Hide video",
"video.mute": "Mute sound",
"video.pause": "Pause",
"": "Play",
"video.unmute": "Unmute sound"