11 Commits (cbd0ee1d07c0d48e4ed14bd446cd23d334e76da8)

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Claire cbd0ee1d07
Update Mastodon to Rails 6.1 (#15910) 7 months ago
ysksn 61ecda1575 Not to skip executable specs (#9753) 3 years ago
Eugen Rochko 1f6ed4f86a
Add more granular OAuth scopes (#7929) 3 years ago
Yamagishi Kazutoshi d10447c3a8 Use raw status code on have_http_status (#7214) 4 years ago
Eugen Rochko 4ec1771165 Add ability to specify alternative text for media attachments (#5123) 4 years ago
aschmitz 669fe9ee06 Change IDs to strings rather than numbers in API JSON output (#5019) 4 years ago
Akihiko Odaki 4f0b638cda Introduce access token fabricators (#4401) 4 years ago
Matt Jankowski 8235623362 Improve spec coverage and clean up api/v1/media controller (#3467) 4 years ago
Eugen Rochko 620d0d8029 Account domain blocks (#2381) 4 years ago
Marcin Cieślak 59a77923b3 Add static gif for upload testing (#2168) 5 years ago
Eugen Rochko 4f9b7432dd Fix #52 - Add API versioning (v1) 5 years ago
Eugen Rochko ce29624c6d Fixing image upload limits, allowing webm, merge/unmerge events trigger 5 years ago
Eugen Rochko ae1fac0062 Add API to upload media attachments 5 years ago