5318 Commits (bd8dc9bd0c9857470f14189c15572cab18bf8ab1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Mathieu Brunot bd8dc9bd0c Add an LDAP Mail attribute config (#12053) 4 years ago
ThibG 911cc14481 Add follow_request notification type (#12198) 4 years ago
ThibG f60cd97638 Only normalize local polls (#12515) 4 years ago
Mathieu Brunot d70268f099 Convert LDAP username (#12461) 4 years ago
Sasha Sorokin c8d82ef3c3 Split relationships page strings (#12502) 4 years ago
Eugen Rochko ed73376f1c
Fix conversations not having an unread indicator in web UI (#12506) 4 years ago
ThibG f05b0463db Fallback to Create audience when object has no defined audience (#12249) 4 years ago
ThibG d8f96028c5 Add ability to filter reports by target account domain (#12154) 4 years ago
ThibG 35b142a7ad Fix lost focus when modals open/close (#12437) 4 years ago
Sasha Sorokin b532ead798 Fix counter sizing (#12446) 4 years ago
Sasha Sorokin fd45f5bbaa Improve notifications page (#12497) 4 years ago
ThibG a690b3e470 Add hotkey for opening media files (#12498) 4 years ago
ThibG 667708f5b0 Fix pending upload count not being decremented on error (#12499) 4 years ago
Eugen Rochko 07da35c17c
Fix n+1 query for bookmarks on statuses (#12494) 4 years ago
Eugen Rochko d9793b2367
Fix proofs API being inaccessible in secure mode (#12495) 4 years ago
ThibG 00c219aa45 Fix empty poll options not being filtered on remote poll update (#12484) 4 years ago
ThibG e7a7f88df7 Fix OCR with delete & redraft (#12465) 4 years ago
Dimitri Merejkowsky 054ef83fc5 Fix an eslint warning (#12426) 4 years ago
ThibG 42b3b019e0 Fix blur behind closed registration message (#12442) 4 years ago
Eugen Rochko a60b602ade
Fix OEmbed discovery not handling different URL variants in query (#12439) 4 years ago
ThibG 2edf6d81cb Simplify SQL query when performing account search amongst followings (#12302) 4 years ago
ThibG c656cc2191 Fix FetchLinkCardServices crashing on a tags without a target (#12159) 4 years ago
ThibG e86234b1e9 Change media description label to be context-sensitive (#12270) 4 years ago
ThibG c4d45765e3 Change domain block behavior to update user records before deleting data (#12247) 4 years ago
noiob 5bc4edd078 Fix whitelist federation for subdomains (#12435) 4 years ago
Eugen Rochko 8dfc45f757
Fix account dropdown not opening due to regression from #12377 (#12430) 4 years ago
Eugen Rochko 853a67ed16
Add relationship-based options to status dropdowns (#12377) 4 years ago
Eugen Rochko d14e74eff5
Add cache for OEmbed endpoints to avoid extra HTTP requests (#12403) 4 years ago
Gomasy 5a2c0707f1 Support min_id-based pagination for bookmarks (#12381) 4 years ago
Jennifer Glauche fd93a9c871 make it not return http 400 when passing and empty source argument (#12259) 4 years ago
Eugen Rochko 24ea938ce1
Add kn, mr, ur to available locales (#12379) 4 years ago
Eugen Rochko eee73de5c8
New Crowdin translations (#12146) 4 years ago
ThibG dfea7368c9 Add bookmarks (#7107) 4 years ago
Yamagishi Kazutoshi afb398b583 Change to always returns html document in error pages (#12214) 4 years ago
ThibG a2014830c2 Fix broken admin audit log in whitelist mode (#12303) 4 years ago
ThibG 0d6da8892a Fix unread toot indicator not honoring onlyMedia in public and community timelines (#12330) 4 years ago
ThibG 0d5f3ae331 Fix already-known remote private toots not being searchable by URL (#12336) 4 years ago
Darius Kazemi 0092096328 Fix type mismatch (#12324) 4 years ago
ThibG 514e427bd2 Fix relationship caches being broken as result of a follow request (#12299) 4 years ago
ThibG 66684c489c Fix WebUI allowing to upload more items than the limit (#12300) 4 years ago
ThibG 7cdb8c10e9 Minor improvements to poll composing UI (#12319) 4 years ago
ThibG 66c1fe0495 Fix various issues with account migration (#12301) 4 years ago
Gabriel Rubens 3cc9ff872f Use inert polyfill (#12209) 4 years ago
mayaeh be93318c05 Integrate own poll's translation into own_poll. (#12231) 4 years ago
Nolan Lawson 1e232e455c fix: support KaiOS arrow navigation on public pages (#12251) 4 years ago
ThibG e37358b3bc Fix code referencing wrong class (#12263) 4 years ago
ThibG 3db3c10762 Fix filtered out items being counted as pending items (#12266) 4 years ago
ThibG 65e13cfacf Add abilityto add oneself to lists (#12271) 4 years ago
ThibG 1a12943924 Fix notification filters not applying to poll options (#12269) 4 years ago
ThibG 650820d62d Fix remote media descriptions being cut off at 420 chars (#12262) 4 years ago