935 Commits (master)

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Claire 3517867b76
Fix confusing error when webfinger request returns empty document (#16986) 2 years ago
Eugen Rochko 5d7c852283
Fix no link previews being generated for pages with invalid structured data (#16979) 2 years ago
Claire ef8deb0878
Fix OpenGraph/LinkedData embeds having incorrectly-generated iframes (#16978) 2 years ago
Eugen Rochko 39cdf61ab7
Add support for structured data and more OpenGraph tags to link cards (#16938) 2 years ago
Claire a184c860ca
Fix retention rate computation (#16854) 2 years ago
Eugen Rochko 07341e7aa6
Add graphs and retention metrics to admin dashboard (#16829) 2 years ago
Claire fc3ae1343d
Switch from unmaintained paperclip to kt-paperclip (#16724) 2 years ago
Eugen Rochko 52e5c07948
Change routing paths to use usernames in web UI (#16171) 2 years ago
Claire 12cd097e7c
Fix addressing of remote groups' followers (#16700) 2 years ago
Takeshi Umeda 709876bd6c
Fix invalid blurhash handling in Create activity (#16583) 2 years ago
Claire d8629e7b86
Add logging of S3-related errors (#16381) 2 years ago
Claire 211d5c3c30
Fix inefficiencies in auto-linking code (#16506) 2 years ago
Claire 9a19227f17
Fix some RedisLocks auto-releasing too fast (#16276) 2 years ago
abcang b5ad787ebf
Fix rubocop warning (#16214) 2 years ago
Claire afb7882189
Fix blocking someone not clearing up list feeds (#16205) 2 years ago
Eugen Rochko 74081433d0
Change trending hashtags to be affected be reblogs (#16164) 2 years ago
Takeshi Umeda 7cb34b32f8
Add management of delivery availability in Federation settings (#15771) 2 years ago
Eugen Rochko 036556d350
Fix media processing getting stuck on too much stdin/stderr (#16136) 2 years ago
Eugen Rochko daccc07dc1
Change auto-following admin-selected accounts, show in recommendations (#16078) 2 years ago
Eugen Rochko f4b7c6b619
Fix nil error when removing status caused by race condition (#16099) 2 years ago
Eugen Rochko 2eb17360df
Fix delete of local reply to local parent not being forwarded (#16096) 2 years ago
Claire 0b36e3419d
Fix processing of remote Delete activities (#16084) 2 years ago
Eugen Rochko ca3bc1b09f
Refactor StatusReachFinder to handle followers and relays as well (#16051) 2 years ago
Eugen Rochko 6d6000f61f
Fix remote reporters not receiving suspend/unsuspend activities (#16050) 2 years ago
Eugen Rochko dde8739020
Fix reports of already suspended accounts being recorded (#16047) 2 years ago
Eugen Rochko 3b8d085436
Fix app name, website and redirect URIs not having a maximum length (#16042) 2 years ago
Takeshi Umeda c968d22ee9
Fix an error with 'multiple mentions with same username' (#16038) 2 years ago
Eugen Rochko f7117646af
Add cold-start follow recommendations (#15945) 2 years ago
Eugen Rochko 619fad6cf8
Remove spam check and dependency on nilsimsa gem (#16011) 2 years ago
Eugen Rochko 7183d9a113
Change multiple mentions with same username to render with domain (#15718) 2 years ago
Claire c5fe0864d1
Fix SidekiqProcessCheck checking for a queue name that isn't used in Mastodon (#16002) 3 years ago
Eugen Rochko 487e37d6d4
Add system checks to dashboard in admin UI (#15989) 3 years ago
Claire cbd0ee1d07
Update Mastodon to Rails 6.1 (#15910) 3 years ago
Claire 1c4dee4554
Fix Mastodon not understanding as:Public and Public (#15948) 3 years ago
Claire a4dcaef53b
Prepare Mastodon for zeitwerk autoloader (#15917) 3 years ago
Claire 5027abecd1
Fix cache_collection crashing when given an empty collection (#15921) 3 years ago
Claire 43eff898a0
Prepare Mastodon for Rails 6 (#15911) 3 years ago
Claire 5614e6724e
Fix URL scanning in note length validator and preview card fetching (#15827) 3 years ago
Claire 65db262550
Update twitter-text from 1.14 to 3.1.0 and fix toot character counting (#15382) 3 years ago
Eugen Rochko 9aa37b32c3
Add `details` to error response for `POST /api/v1/accounts` in REST API (#15803) 3 years ago
Justin Tracey c9e8e1739c
replace all instances of "ends_with?" with "end_with?" (#15745) 3 years ago
Cecylia Bocovich e79f8dd85c
Onion service related changes to HTTPS handling (#15560) 3 years ago
Claire be3b9f8151
Fix URI of repeat follow requests not being recorded (#15662) 3 years ago
ThibG a044ddac5b
Fix race conditions on account migration creation (#15597) 3 years ago
luigi 7ea9588520
Use Enumerable#filter_map in more places (#15527) 3 years ago
luigi eb51e43fb4
Optimize some regex matching (#15528) 3 years ago
ThibG 54d4e5252b
Use Rails' index_by where it makes sense (#15542) 3 years ago
ThibG 7bed25f3ea
Fix processing of incoming Block activities (#15546) 3 years ago
luigi 087ed84367
Optimize map { ... }.compact calls (#15513) 3 years ago
ThibG 3249d35bdc
Improve account deletion performances further (#15407) 3 years ago