Improve notifications page (#12497)

Currently notifications page seems a bit cluttered with no clear
separation between e-mail and filtering settings. This commit tries to
address them by adding clear separation with headers, hints and removing
continuously reused texts for events checkboxes.
Sasha Sorokin 5 years ago committed by Eugen Rochko
parent a690b3e470
commit fd45f5bbaa
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@ -4,6 +4,10 @@
= simple_form_for current_user, url: settings_preferences_notifications_path, html: { method: :put } do |f|
= render 'shared/error_messages', object: current_user
%h4= t('notifications.email_events')
%p.hint = t('notifications.email_events_hint')
= f.simple_fields_for :notification_emails, hash_to_object(current_user.settings.notification_emails) do |ff|
= ff.input :follow, as: :boolean, wrapper: :with_label
@ -21,6 +25,8 @@
= f.simple_fields_for :notification_emails, hash_to_object(current_user.settings.notification_emails) do |ff|
= ff.input :digest, as: :boolean, wrapper: :with_label
%h4 = t('notifications.other_settings')
= f.simple_fields_for :interactions, hash_to_object(current_user.settings.interactions) do |ff|
= ff.input :must_be_follower, as: :boolean, wrapper: :with_label

@ -886,6 +886,10 @@ en:
body: 'Your status was boosted by %{name}:'
subject: "%{name} boosted your status"
title: New boost
email_events: Events for e-mail notifications
email_events_hint: 'Select events that you want to receive notifications for:'
other_settings: Other notifications settings

@ -150,14 +150,14 @@ en:
text: Why do you want to join?
digest: Send digest e-mails
favourite: Send e-mail when someone favourites your status
follow: Send e-mail when someone follows you
follow_request: Send e-mail when someone requests to follow you
mention: Send e-mail when someone mentions you
pending_account: Send e-mail when a new account needs review
reblog: Send e-mail when someone boosts your status
report: Send e-mail when a new report is submitted
trending_tag: Send e-mail when an unreviewed hashtag is trending
favourite: Someone favourited your status
follow: Someone followed you
follow_request: Someone requested to follow you
mention: Someone mentioned you
pending_account: New account needs review
reblog: Someone boosted your status
report: New report is submitted
trending_tag: An unreviewed hashtag is trending
listable: Allow this hashtag to appear in searches and on the profile directory
name: Hashtag