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# config/app.yml for rails-settings-cached
# This file contains default values, and does not need to be edited
# when configuring an instance. These settings may be changed by an
# Administrator using the Web UI.
# For more information, see docs/Running-Mastodon/
defaults: &defaults
site_title: 'Mastodon'
site_description: ''
site_extended_description: ''
site_contact_username: ''
site_contact_email: ''
open_registrations: true
closed_registrations_message: ''
boost_modal: false
auto_play_gif: true
follow: false
reblog: false
favourite: false
mention: false
follow_request: true
digest: true
must_be_follower: false
must_be_following: false
<<: *defaults
<<: *defaults
<<: *defaults