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Alibek Omarov 0e38044de3 Show pleroma logo as unknown avatar 4 years ago
Alibek Omarov 000ba91d23 Husky branding(icons) 4 years ago
Conny Duck c070398256 remove Amazon from Readme 5 years ago
Christian Paul 26b4f9c863 Add titel, description and images for fastlane (and F-Droid) (#564) 6 years ago
Konrad Pozniak eee3548201 add new avatar placeholder 6 years ago
Conny Duck 4afcf7d5cc add tusky_logo_borderless.png 6 years ago
Conny Duck f2f868ac04 update amazon link in readme 7 years ago
Conny Duck 773486ee3f add screenshots used in app stores 7 years ago
Konrad Pozniak 6e2df4fde6 add Tusky Banner files (used in Playstore) 7 years ago
Conny Duck 665d708e54 new splashscreen, some cleanup 7 years ago
Conny Duck 035aba5d44 new launcher icon, new adaptive icon 7 years ago
Vavassor cc27c176ca Adds F-Droid badge to README.md. 7 years ago
Vavassor 0a41bed54f Fixes the Amazon badge in README.md. 7 years ago