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# Husky
[![Build Status](](\
[![Download F-Droid](]( [![Download Google Play](]( [![Download Testing](](
[![Download F-Droid](](\
[![Download Google Play](](\
[![Download Testing](](
@ -20,12 +21,14 @@ Tusky is quote, unquote, `... a beautiful Android client for [Mastodon](https://
- Support for seen notifications to less annoy you
- "Reply to" feature that allows to jump to replied status, useful for hellthreading ;)
- Bigger emojis!
- "Preview" feature on Pleroma
### Support
If you have any bug reports, feature requests or questions please open an issue or send us a post at [](!
For translating Tusky into your language, visit For translating Husky, translate app/src/main/res/values/husky.xml file and send it to profile above or send a pull request.
For translating Tusky into your language, visit\
For translating Husky, visit
### Head of development